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Azzurra, vocational center PIC number: 922714732, in the framework of the European programme Erasmus + Key Action 1, offers many structured courses perfectly adapted for mobility project for learners and staff in vocational education and training (VET) and for mobility projects for staff in school education and adult education.

Azzurra promotes transnational and international projects based on cooperation between various players as Schools, VET Organizations, NGOs, Associations, Enterprises, in an effort to increase mobility, innovation and to improve the quality of training.

We offer a range of innovative and practice-driven training courses tailored for education staff and students. Our focus is on learning in a cooperative and international environment and the pedagogical methods that we use are based upon experiential training, learning-by-doing and best practices’ exchange. Furthermore in order to develop job specific skills and an even better acquaintance with the foreign language, culture and work environment, we organiseactivities that can take the form of full work placements with learners hosted in a company or other relevant organisations, offering a combination of school based learning and a strong work-based component (work placements).


The context of our courses varies according to the needs of the sending organization. Please note that we could create a training course ideal to your needs, upon request.


  • We support you with transfer from/to Airport;
  • We issue Europass Certificates;
  • We organiseactivities (THAT) can take the form of full work placements with learners hosted in a company or other relevant organisations;
  • We (organize) visits to Rome and around Abruzzo.



Azzurra is located 15 Kilometres from the Abruzzo International Airport, and our Trainining Center is two hours away from Rome’s main Airport: nearly every hour buses departures are scheduled from Rome to Chieti.

Located in the heart of Italy, our region, for its geographical location and small size, offers wonderfull opportunities for educational and cultural experiences, but also to have fun.

The rich cultural past offers several interesting opportunities to visit buildings dating back from different periods and some historical sites; It is always sunny, with large golden beaches and several amazing natural parks; It is a strategic geographical location to go sightseeing beautiful cities like Rome.