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Patient and Elderly Care aims at providing job specific skills of the worker whose activity is aimed at satisfying the basic needs of people in a state of physical and psychological fragility, and with a view to favoring the recovery of a dignified level of well-being.


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Programme summary

Communication and relational techniques in relation to the different conditions of illness/discomfort of the patient, with particular reference to dementia situations. Assistance to the elderly person, basic principles of diet therapy and food hygiene, of the environment and hotel comfort. Methodology of social and health work, main types of users and service issues. 


Teaching and development of knowledge and skills on preparation – service – feeding the patient, following of nutrition according to sickness kinds, doing work according to the rules. 

Target group

This Erasmus Plus training course is designed for students and learners that are interest in developing job specific skills on patient and elderly care. The content of our courses varies according to the needs of the sending organization. Please note that we could create a training course suited to your needs upon request.


The training will be brought on by our trainers specialized in teaching, but also professionals of their own sector. The teaching method is based on interactive lessons. In order to develop job specific skills and an even better acquaintance with the foreign language, culture, and work environment, we organize activities that can take the form of full work placements with learners hosted in a company or other relevant organizations, offering a combination of schoolbased learning and a strong work-based component (work placements).Our training sessions are meticulously planned by our trainer and are designed in a manner geared toward the maximization of efficiency. You can choose between two proposed programs: 1 week program or 2 weeks program. The training will take place according to the needs of the sending organizations.


Chieti, Italy

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