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Azzurra Formazione is a Training Centre accredited to the Abruzzo region under the code n. F069-A-19082013-A00DEF-X, as a competence centre for lifelong learning and training.

The company draws its power from considerable business experience in the HR sector, and leans towards the complex needs of:

  • Young people and employed, to improve the employability
  • Professionals, to extend the provision of services
  • Small and medium companies, to increase the business performances
  • Public organizations, to strengthen the service capability

Azzurra Formazione works in the fields of financed and market training. It carries out the following professional training and orientation activities:

Lifelong training: designed to improve the qualification and professional development level of the workforce, ensuring the employment stability and the adaptability to technological and organizational changes, meant to support the competitivity of businesses.

Orientation: the group of information, training, and consultancy measures that promote and facilitate the professional orientation and the self-orientation, to support the definition of personal journey of training and working, and the employment inclusion.

Financed training: planning and managing of public financed training, resulting from facilities provided by the Italian State and from EU, through the several programmes activated in the period 2014-2020. In the field of financed training, Azzura Formazione searches for and analyses the needs of the people, the companies and of public subjects, and for them it realizes specific training and market projects.

Market training: training for people, professionals, small and medium companies, and public organisations, planned and thought of taking into consideration specific training needs, only after careful consideration of the employment field of reference. The detailed offer of the market training is available in the Catalougue section of the website.


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